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There are several companies today that offer academic writing services online and the students have the option to choose from amongst too many of these companies. Obviously, the students who plan to buy these services have no other source of help available to them and these companies are the only alternative that they have. A majority of these companies take advantage of the situation that the students are in and charge very high prices for their products. We do not belong to that category of businesses! We, instead, believe in truly helping the students with their studies and sticking to the highest standards of business ethics. Therefore, we provide exceptional assignment writing services for as little as $12.99/page. We don’t want to deprive any student of this online help because of his inability to pay exorbitant prices charged by other such websites. The total amount that you will be charged depends upon the number of pages to be written and the time limit within which the order has to be completed. When you will get back your assignment, you will certainly find it to be worth the money you have paid for it. That’s why you don’t need to think much about the money to be paid for the service.

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